Working Papers

1. Difference-in-Differences with Multiple Time Periods and an Application on the Minimum Wage and Employment, March 2018 (joint with Brantly Callaway).
[Supplementary Appendix] [Software implementation: R package did ] [Replication files available upon request]

2. Nonparametric Tests for Treatment Effect Heterogeneity with Duration Outcomes, April 2017.
This is a revised version of my JMP, “Nonparametric tests for conditional treatment effects with duration outcomes”, November 2014.
[ Supplementary Appendix] [ Software implementation: R package kmte ] [Replication files available upon request]

3. Specification Tests for the Propensity Score, November 2016 (joint with Xiaojun Song).
[Software implementation: R package pstest] [Replication files available upon request]

4. Program Evaluation with Right-Censored Data, April 2016.
[Supplementary Appendix] [Software implementation: R package kmte] [Replication files available upon request]
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1. Testing for Uncorrelated Residuals in Dynamic Count Models with an Application to Corporate Bankruptcy, 2017. Journal of Business & Economics Statistics, vol. 35 (3), 349-358.
[Replication files available upon request]